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2024 Stewardship

for our life and ministry together

John Howard and Bryan Pearce, Stewardship Chairs

Stewship Chairs.png

Click on the photo to hear Stewardship Chairs, John Howard and Bryan Pearce's thankful and encouraging message about the 2024 Stewardship campaign.


Laurent & Mike Cadden, Home at Trinity


Click on the photo to hear Laurent & Mike Cadden who have, since their marriage 33 years ago have considered Trinity home.


Pat Rodgers, Vestry Member

Pat Rodgers.png

Click on her photo to hear Pat Rodgers tell about her family instilling in her the blessing of stewardship.

Sherry Winstead, Office Angel


Click on the photo to hear Sherry Winstead talk about the importance of stewardship to her church home.


Anne & Chris Gill, Steadfast Pledgers

Screen Shot 2023-10-23 at 11.30.25 AM.png

Click on their photo to hear Steadfast Pledgers, Anne & Chris Gill discuss why they continue to contribute to the mission of Trinity Church.

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