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We love our neighbors as ourselves.

Project Homeless Connect


Sponsored by Housing First, Trinity overwhelmingly supports Project Homeless Connect. Through generous contributions of warm clothing, including literally thousands of coats, we are able to serve our brothers and sisters living in scarcity. We know that gifts of clothing, blankets, and socks translate into the blessing of God’s love in the world. Click HERE to watch more.

Neighborhood Food Drive

Food Drive.jpg

In November our dedicated youth organize the annual food drive and collect from the neighborhood around Trinity Church. Invariably, they receive from our generous neighbors a mountain of nonperishables of all kinds for our Food Pantry. We are so grateful.

Trinity Garden for Food Pantry


Our Trinity Garden is one of 24 gardens listed as Mobile Urban Growers (MUG), a local nonprofit network of community gardeners in Mobile and the surrounding area. The mission of MUG is to assist the 25% of Mobilians who do not have access to fresh fruit and vegetables. The fresh produce from our garden is shared with our friends in need through our Food Pantry.

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